Hiring freelancers was
never this easy

Our simple 4-step process helps you work seamlessly with the best-suited talent for your needs

Step 1
Share your talent requirement
Use our specially designed project posting form to quickly share your talent requirements. Our team will personally reach out to you to get any additional details needed.
Step 2
Receive precise talent recommendations
Based on the requirements shared, we make 1-3 best-suited recommendations, taking into account over 10 criteria.
Step 3
Interview the candidates
You can conduct an interview process with our recommended candidates and ensure that they are right fit for your company before hiring them.
Step 4
Kickoff your project
We offer a 1-week trial period - if you don’t find a fit, you won’t be charged, no questions asked. Thereafter, our weekly payment system is simply based on the hours worked by the talent.

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