Screening process

The key to building a great product is to assemble a brilliant team. Flexiple promises you just that through our specially designed and comprehensive screening process.

1. Profile / CV based shortlisting

We start the process by reviewing the individual’s core expertise, experience, projects and education. Only candidates with a stellar profile, who have written production-level code and have worked on end-to-end projects are selected for the next round.

2. Aptitude, communication interview

Each individual is interviewed by our experts based on the filled profile-form. The authenticity of shared information & communication is assessed. Developers are additionally tested on an algorithm in a live coding round.

3. Simulated Technical task

If the performance in the previous round is deemed satisfactory but not exemplary, the individual is given a task simulating live projects. We evaluate on quality of output, punctuality of submission and adherence to given specifications.

4.Technical interview

The final round involves having a detailed discussion on the various projects mentioned in the candidate's portfolio. Each project is evaluated on its complexity and the contribution by the candidate.