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1) How are you different from other staffing agencies?

Our curation process is extremely stringent and only 1% of the applicants join our community. Our talent have worked in top tech firms such as Adobe, Microsoft, Amazon, Ola, amongst others. At the same time, since our talent are freelancers, we are very affordable as unlike staffing agencies we don’t have to bear overhead costs and pass them on to our clients. This no-compromise attitude on quality and affordability is something staffing agencies have just not been able to achieve, and is one of the core factors differentiating Flexiple.

2) What is the process to hire a talent into our team?

For a detailed explanation of our process, please click here. A brief of the process is as follows:

  1. You share your tech requirements with us (tech stacks, experience, other constraints).
  2. We will thereafter recommend only 1-3 developer/ designer profiles (detailed CV along with projects worked on) that best fit the requirements.
  3. We will schedule a discussion with the individual whose work you like.
  4. Post that, if you would like to hire our talent, we work either with hourly/monthly rates with your payments secured by Flexiple.
3) Can I interview the candidate?

Our talent are happy to be a part of your interview process.

4) Is a trial period offered for each candidate hired?
Indeed. For each candidate hired for the first time by you, we offer a 1-week trial period - if you don’t find a fit, you will not be charged, no questions asked. In case you continue to the 2nd week (which is the norm :)), we assume that the fit has been established.
5) How do the financials work?

We work on two models - weekly models for short engagements and also a monthly model for long-term engagements.

In the former and more common model, our engagements are charged on an hourly basis in the form of advance invoicing every week. The hourly rate of our talent will be communicated at the very outset. Our talent make note of the hours taken for each task and the payment is made to them once approved by you.

Also, as we are firstly promoters of remote working, for long-term engagements, we also partner on monthly models and facilitate an experience typical to a remote employee.

6) How are the hours put in by the talent tracked?

We have a simple time tracking tool in which our talent clocks the hours that they put in against each of the tasks worked upon. The hours would be shared for weekly approval and the payment made accordingly.

7) Can I get the talent to work out of my office?

In rare cases, we facilitate the working of our talent from your office. However, we are firm believers of remote working and believe in matching the best talent for any requirement.

8) Can I hire the freelance talent as a permanent employee?

All our talent have taken freelancing as a career option and are not looking for employment options. Having said that, we are open to long-term contracts. However, in case both, you and our talent, would like to move into a permanent relationship, we are happy to enable the same with a payout clause to enable the same.

9) How is my IP and confidential information safeguarded?

At the beginning of every engagement, we get into a comprehensive and robust tripartite agreement involving you, our talent and us, protecting all IP and confidential information of your company.

10) What technologies do the developers work on?

While we keep adding talent in new technologies to our community, currently our main focus is around web and mobile app technologies. This includes Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript (and its frameworks), iOS, Android, React Native, amongst others.

11) What is the kind of experience that the talent in the community have?

Majority of the talent in our community have more than 3 years of experience working in top tech companies and startups. Though we place no limits on minimum experience, due to the stringent nature of our screening process, the average experience in our community is about 6 years.

12) Are other top companies recruiting freelance talent?

The future of work is here and top companies have realised that they need the best talent for each job unrestricted by geography. We have a portfolio of illustrious clients which you can viewhere.

13) Does Flexiple plan to cater to other categories as well?

Flexiple currently has the best talent in software development and design. We are, firstly, promoters of freelancing and remote working, but have started the movement with these two very large and critical categories. We plan to expand into new business areas in the future.

1) Do I have to give the screening process to join the community?

Yes. We promise both our clients and talent the best experience and we take this promise very seriously. Therefore, the screening is not restricted only to our talent, but also to our clients.

2) What does the onboarding process consist of?

The onboarding process consists of a filling a short form followed by a quick discussion on the same. The next step would involve a detailed call on your past work and portfolio (for both developers and designers) concluded by a live coding session on a given algorithm question (for developers).

Each successive round involves elimination. We test your communication skills, depth of experience in skill sets mentioned, aptitude, punctuality, adherence to timelines, amongst others.

3) What are the next steps once I join the community?

Once you join our community, we begin to search for projects that fit your skill sets and general profile. Our team will reach out to you personally for any project that is a match - no bidding and negotiating required!

4) What is the process to get a project?

Projects are available through Flexiple only for onboarded candidates - details of the onboarding process is explained in question 2.

Once you are onboard, our team looks out for projects that match your profile and reach out to you in case of a successful match. Our client might want to have a discussion around your past projects and also the project at hand. In rare occasions, the client might want to conduct a small task to test compatibility.

5) How do the financials work?

We primarily work on hourly rates with all our talent which is fixed immediately after the screening process. Flexiple doesn’t charge any fees on it. Once you are connected to a client, you would be asked to fill in hours against the tasks completed which would be approved by the clients on a weekly basis. The payments would be made in the third week for the work done in a particular week.

In some cases, usually for long-term engagements, we also get into a monthly compensation model.

6) What hourly rates do you offer?

We allow our talent to choose the rate that they are most comfortable with. Additionally, we share a recommended rate based on a number of factors including the years of experience, demand of the technology, amongst others.

7) What is the average duration of projects?

Our engagements on an average last for 2 months. Many of our clients also hire for long-term projects which last for over 6 months.

8) What is the time commitment expected from me?

We expect our talent to work full-time on the projects they are matched to. This primarily stems from our clients’ expectations of a time commitment of 40 hours per week.

9) Does Flexiple plan to cater to other categories as well?

Flexiple currently has the best talent in software development and design. We are, firstly, promoters of freelancing and remote working, but have started the movement with these two very large and critical categories. We plan to expand into new business areas in the future.